First Shoplandia Reviews Are In

photo-59That week between a book launch and first reviews can be a tense time for writers, so it's exciting to see fairly positive reviews trickling in for Shoplandia. My local bookshop, Chester County Book Cmpany, made the novel a staff pick with a nice quote from Andrea in the store. I was also thrilled to see reviews from two literary sites that I admire in the first week, as well as a few reviews on sites for book lovers. Here's a nice quote from the website Small Press Reviews - "With a tone and style reminiscent of George Saunders and situations that would feel right at home in a Don DeLillo novel, the stories collected in Jim Breslin’s Shoplandia offer an engaging and informed behind-the-scenes look at the home shopping industry." - Marc Schuster, Small Press Reviews

You can read Marc's entire review by clicking HERE.

Here's a quote from the second review -

"Breslin’s choice to set the stories within the television shopping network corporation is one of the most refreshing and strategic narrative moves I have experienced in a long time." - Jillian Benedict, Turk's Head Review.

You can read Jillian's entire review by clicking HERE.

At this point, there are two reviews posted on Goodreads and one review on Amazon. Each reader takes aways something different from a novel, so I love reading various perspectives. Thanks so much to those who have written reviews to date.

Have you read SHOPLANDIA yet? If so, do you agree with the reviews above or do you have a different perspective? I'm looking forward to reading reviews throughout the summer. If you have read SHOPLANDIA, please join the discussion and add your thoughts at Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook or other sites you enjoy. Or send me a message with your thoughts. Thanks for reading Shoplandia!