The Ghost Chile or Trick or Treating?

photo-17As I've talked with friends who have recently read Shoplandia, it's been fun to note which chapters have resonated. Early on, the chapter "Pepper Man," where Warren's life is changed after he eats a ghost chile handed to him by a motivational guru, appeared to be a favorite. Recently though, a few friends have mentioned that Chapter 11, "Day of the Dead," where producer Dottie experiences a rather catastrophic shift on Halloween night, was surprisingly emotional. One friend told me she cried as she read that chapter on the beach. Hearing that these stories connected with readers in different ways has been really fulfilling. If you've read Shoplandia, I'd love to know which chapter you enjoyed the most and if a chapter left you hanging. Did a favorite character emerge or was there a character you hated? I've appreciated the public notes so far on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter, and the private notes through personal conversation, email, and messaging. Thanks so much.

If you've not read the novel yet, you can read an early version of the chapter called "Damn Yankees" as it was published in Turk's Head Review. Shoplandia is available at Chester County Book Company (West Chester, PA), Main Point Books (Bryn Mawr, PA), BookPlace (Oxford, PA), and online at IndieBound and Amazon. There's also a link to order direct from Oermead Press.

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